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Production Process

We use the French Process, which produces Zinc Oxide directly from zinc metal. Feed stocks include, special high-grade zinc metal and recycled sources of zinc metal. The French process is the dominated manufacturing process all over the world due to improved quality of finished product and the importance of recycling of mineral resources. Zinc metal is melted, vaporized and then the vapour has been oxidized. Particle size is controlled by temperature and the mixture of zinc vapour and air in the combustion chamber of the furnance. Preparation of Zinc Oxide from the French process permits greater control over particle size than the American process. Zinc Oxide produced by the French Process tend to be nodular in shape.

The leading position of CHEMITALS PRIVATE LIMITED in the market has been kept by maintaining its high quality level and it's willingness of permanent innovation. Thus the natural summation is EVEREST BRAND ZINC OXIDE, the name that stands synonym of highest quality for more three decades. But not only quality is decisive, also the Company's philosophy "Best quality" is of special importance. Most products have single application, while a few have multiple and varied applications and ZINC OXIDE is one amongst the later types of products, as mentioned in the following paragraph.

Rubber & Tyres Used as an Activating Agent
Paints As Pigment
Rayons For stabilizing the Yarns
Cosmetics For its adhesive quality
Pharmaceuticals Main ingredient in ointments and
  prickly heat powder
Ceramics & Glass For glossy finish.
Feeds & Fertilizers Chicken Feed, Fertilizer nutritions

With the revolutionary industrial liberalization introduced by the Republic of India, CHEMITALS PRIVATE LIMITED, is poised to take off to reach the domains around the universe for good.

An added advantage for you, is our flexibility. We have particular emphasis on meeting special technical requirements, even for small quantities to offer customers the best possible services and advice.

CHEMITALS PRIVATE LIMITED has adhere to strict quality controls both at the time of procuring, processing and at the finished stages. We test the finished products, and raw materials daily through our own well equipped laboratory by our qualified resident chemists, and despatch the ordered ZINC OXIDE, only if it does pass the minimum purity of 99.5% as ZINC OXIDE and other parameters. A competent crew, in our most modern plant, latest production and testing lines, are at your disposal. Our Technical and Commercial Professionals will be pleased to visit you.

Packing :

Our product is packed in high-density Polyethylene bags, laminated inner side, and each bag containing net weight of 25kgs of Zinc Oxide. We also do provide jumbo packing of 1000 Kgs.




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